Asbestos Roof Removal

19 July 2021

This is a telecommunication building that required the super 6 roof and insulation underneath to be removed.

Location: Tarras, Central Otago

Duration: 1 day

Type: Super 6 roof & insulation

Amount: 31.2m2


The PCBU ensured that the building had full scaffolding with building shrink wrap to keep it weather tight and safe for the asbestos removal team to start removing the asbestos. The staff had appropriate ID cards to work onsite and began by laying polythene under the work area and on the scaffolding to protect and keep it clean. 

Staff carefully removed the super six roof and insulation, they then cleaned the beams, cavity, and surrounding area. All asbestos waste was removed from site and a final visual was conducted by an independent assessor, who issued a final visual certificate. 


The asbestos roof and insulation was removed and cleared ready for the builders to re-insulate and put on a new roof.

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