Asbestos Stipple Ceiling Removal

19 July 2021

Stipple ceiling removal at a residential property

Location: Christchurch

Duration: 1 day

Type: Asbestos textured ceilings (Chrysotile)

Amount: 20m2


Prior to any Friable asbestos work commencing the area must be enclosed with a minimum of 200micron polythene to ensure no possible fibres can be released outside.    Above the ceiling (in the ceiling cavity) another layer of plastic is laid to ensure, once ceiling has gone, no fibres can escape through the void.  The enclosure when combined with a negative pressure unit ensures we maintain a negative atmosphere with the area being worked on.  Pictured below is an example of an asbestos enclosure for a residential dwelling.  This job required all the textured coated stipple ceilings to be cut and dropped so that we can ensure 100% of the asbestos has been removed.


Independent assessors conducted Air Monitoring & Swab tests of surfaces, resulting in a No Asbestos Detected reading. This reassures the client that their house is free of any residual asbestos fibers.

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