Asbestos Roof Removal

16 December 2020

This is a residential dwelling that was being renovated and reroofed. The head contractor engaged us to remove the asbestos decromastic roof.

Location: Christchurch

Duration: 2 days

Type: Asbestos decromastic roof (Chrysotile)

Amount: 145m2

Two boundaries were set up and full scaffolding erected for our team’s safety. Scaffold Planking was covered with polythene. Roof surfaces were wet down with a binding agent before removal began. Staff were wearing approved disposable coveralls and P3 rated masks while doing removal.

The decromastic panels were removed as whole sheets by using hand tools only. The Decromastic panels were double wrapped with 200um polythene and then all wooden framing and surfaces vacuumed. Waste was labelled and transported to an asbestos approved waste station.

The asbestos roof was removed safely and passed a final visual conducted by an independent assessor.

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